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Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Filter Workstation

Quieter / Lighter / More efficient





The innovative design of this workstation allows it to serve as a primary air mover, re-circulating air in a low-return pattern. Air Applitec's designs can substantially reduce the cost of producing a positive pressure clean room. Our features include:
  • Blower and motor assembly mounted on turned rubber with foam insulator joint to dampen noise and vibration.
  • Full HEPA seal leak scavenged design.
  • L bracket mounting / flush work chamber.
  • Rear intake for optimum return airflow characteristics.
  • Stations can be built to suit specific individual space requirements.
Model VL430 (photograph)

The most advanced design of a vertical laminar flow work station manufactured in the USA.  Light weight; low profile filter blower housing; easy setup; structural sound with all polycarbonite enclosure.

VL430, VL630 & VL830 installation drawing & instructions.

VL Series work stations are a standard production item available in several modifications:  Various heights up to 72" to bottom of air supply module.
Polycarbonite side enclosures with steel powder coated back panel.
All polycarbonite enclosure
208/230 VAC single phase 60/60 Hz & 115 VAC.
Powder coat with color combinations.
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VL236SX Drawing & Information
(PDF format)

VL430-72 (Drawing) Custom VLF work Station.  The VLF430-72 is a custom design to furnish HEPA filtered air for the North Light Film Scanner.  Call for price and availability.  Phone:  800/557-8843
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